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False Lights

Melodic prog metal from Finland. The band is known for its distinguished melodic style and engaging song structures filled with heavy and light passages. Two critically acclaimed albums released. Second album False Lights out now! 

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False Lights reviews and comments

"Now the time has come for international recognition and if it depends on the standout ‘False Lights’, we have total confidence in it. [...] Consequently we choose this as revelation of 2015! What a stunner!" Metal Nose, Belgium, 9/10
"Phenomenal sophomore album extends the promise of their well-received 2010 debut album "Remorses To Remember." This band has a great melodic style influenced by Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree as well as a ton of 70's prog. Great mixture of clean and death vocals really adds a great modern edge to their sound that is both accessible while remaining very sophisticated. Easily one of our favorite melodic prog metal albums of the year!"
"As you might expect, False Lights succeeds in the way that all memorable prog records do – it contains heavily detailed song structures, filled with both heavy and light sections in which passion and anguish are both experienced."